About us

I.O.COVENANT LIMITED is the solution for the healthcare system in Africa. The company has been trading for over 15 years as an established E.N.T. EXPERT. MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. SURGICAL, SCIENTIFIC AND HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT. MEDICAL CONSULTANT. We are a trusted Medical Supplies company that provides thousands of Surgeries and Primary Care Organizations with an extensive range of products.
We are able to source a large range of products from the leading manufacturers in Pakistan,China and also from our Foreign Principals. This trust and relationship is why Surgeries and Primary Care Organizations choose I.O.COVENANT LIMITED to provide their Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies.

We have a long-standing global reputation for quality, excellence and outstanding service. Our product range of surgical instrumentation covers a wide range of instruments including General surgery, Orthopedic , ENT, Gynecology, Neurosurgery, Urology, Diagnostic , T/c Instruments, Liposuction , Plastic surgery, Micro surgery, single use and many more…

An ENT diagnostic set consists of different ENT tools that are used in the examination of the ears, nose and throat. These tools are great help for finding out the exact condition of patient’s nose, ears and throat. The ENT diagnostic set, doctor needs in performing medical procedures to the patients. For instance, the tools are useful in locating foreign particles in the nose, throat and the ears. The different tools in the ENT diagnostic set have their own purposes. This set is great help to doctor for proper examination of the patients’ condition. Our company offers great ENT diagnostic set with the economical prices.